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There are different reasons why people choose to seek counseling.  You may have experienced a significant life event, like the loss of a loved one, divorce, or becoming a new parent.  You may have been through a traumatic event that you can't stop thinking about.   You may suffer from anxiety, depression, mood changes, or insomnia.  You may find yourself in unhealthy relationships time and time again.  You may be using alcohol and eating to manage stress.  You may  feel stuck in your life, unsure of how to make changes, or feel a lack of meaning and purpose in life.  Reaching out for support is the first step on the journey to heal, and that one is already behind you.  

Therapy is an amazing tool to move your life forward. I will encourage you to look internally and explore the areas in your life that aren't working.  You will learn new skills to improve the way you communicate, to better manage your mental health symptoms, to avoid unhealthy behaviors, and to change certain patterns in your life. You will gain awareness of the underlying issues that are causing disruption in your life, and work to resolve and overcome them. 

I use an eclectic approach to therapy.  Drawing from my clinical expertise and training in Mindfulness, trauma-informed care, EMDR (Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Law of Attraction, I tailor treatment to fit your personality, style, and areas of challenge.     As I get to know you, I will offer feedback and insight to help you identify what's getting in the way . Together we will explore how your thoughts and beliefs create patterns in your life, and how to make meaningful changes to free yourself from those patterns.  You will gain further clarity about where you want your life to go, and  develop skills to meet your goals.  

One of the most important things in the healing process is finding the right therapist.  Studies have shown that the right fit between client and therapist is the greatest indicator for the success of therapy.  I am committed to helping you heal, and to get you to where you want to be.

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